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Chris Pisani is a retired farmer, artist, Spiritual Healer and Channel.

 For over 16 years she worked and bred Angora and Dairy Goats as well as working full time to support her farm.

During this time she was faced with an extreme spiritual experience on the way to work one morning and consequently became involved in the field of Healing and Channelling.

Whilst assisting a dowser to find water on her farm, she became aware of her dowsing abilities and has incorporated this ability into her Healing work.

She is now retired and living at her Sanctuary at Craigmore where she concentrates her energies in Teaching, Healing and practising her considerable artistic skills.

Over the past two years,  she has been writing a comprehensive instruction book on the art of Dowsing.

 In  reading this book you will find areas of knowledge available to you that will assist you in living a healthier and more aware lifestyle.

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 This book is available at the modest price of $21.95 plus postage.

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